The Things We Do for Love ~ Luke & Shelly

The Things We Do For Love ~ Luke & Shelly (The Adlers Book 6)

Love me-love my child. But does he have to?

Luke loves Shelly, and she loves him. Perfect, right? Wrong! When there’s a teenager involved, love me-love my child takes on a whole new dimension. How important in the success of their relationship is Shelly’s fifteen-year-old daughter?

Luke has been in love with Shelly since he was twelve, and that’s never changed. Unfortunately, he never had much of a chance when they were younger. Shelly is only a few years older than him, but she got married right out of high school. Less than nine months later she had a child. Now Shelly’s divorced, and her daughter, Mary Beth, is a major obstacle to Luke capturing the heart of the woman of his dreams. Is it possible for his love for the mother to overcome the challenges of dealing with a teenage daughter?

Shelly was the same age as her daughter is now—only fifteen, when she met Luke Adler for the first time. He was a sweet boy then, and she thought it was cute that the little guy had a crush on her. Now he’s a gorgeous man, and he’s still interested. Shelly is too, but … it’s complicated. The only blessing that came from Shelly’s disastrous marriage to her high school sweetheart is their daughter, Mary Beth. Now that Shelly’s falling in love with Luke, how will Mary Beth fit into the picture? One thing’s for sure … Mary Beth’s happiness must come first.